Brian Slover on maneuvers with
all terain foam unit.

Russ and Brian take the hose and
floating intake to Barabara creek.

Rick follows with the high pressure pump.

Russ holds the device designed
and fabricated by Rick Harkness.
Driven through walls by sledge,
so as not to require entry by the
Firefighter into a burning building.

Rick demonstrates the
spray pattern of his
structure piercing nozzle.

John and Sera testing rope loop sling.

Preparing for a marine assault
on a wildland fire.

Loaded vessel to provide marine borne
pump support to foot patrol already
onscene with hand tools.
Sadi Synn at the helm.

Post mission repacking of
hosebag backpacks.
Russ and Sera.

Another of Rick's inventions,
designed to block culvert intake.
This raises water level of stream
to adequately supply pumps.

Foot patrol on scene, photos by Crystal Collier

Brian Slover and ....
(somebody help me out here!)

Filling the backpack pumps

... I'll get the names shortly.

Brian Slover, Kim Collier - foreground.

Rick and Russ, Fire out.

One down, two standing.

this version September 14, 2008