Wedding this June of 2008
                in Seldovia Alaska

Sera Baxter and John Allardice are getting married on June 1 at 2:00pm on the back lawn at the Susan B English School.  We will have a potluck and dancing after the ceremony.

John is a retired forestry enforcement officer.  Sera is a long time Kachemak Bay fisherman.

John Allardice and Sera Baxter of Alaska, engaged to wed

In Sera's own words..

"Please don't bring gifts--we have enough "stuff" and would have difficulty finding a place to put it.  Instead there will be an opportunity to donate to a charity.

Both of us are active members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.  We work as volunteer eyes and ears for the Border Patrol.  John did the training to be a member of the Minuteman Search and Rescue Team.  SAR prowls the desert looking for people who have been abandoned by their coyote (guide) to die.

We met on the border in October '06.  We were both working the midnight shift and often on the same post.  We sit quiet all thru the cold desert night, looking and listening for illegal aliens and  drug runners.  We listen for voices and the crunch of feet running on the desert sand.  When one of us hears something, we touch our partner to get their attention.  Hear it?  Yes!  Where?  There!  Between those two clumps of Palo Verde trees in the moonlight!  How many?  I count 20.  We call in the sighting to our communications officer, who reports the sighting to the Border Patrol.  If we are lucky, BP has a unit available and responds.

We liked working together so well we decided to make it permanent."